Meadow Springs Farm, Hicks Brothers, LLC

A Brief History

Peter and Jamie Hicks formed Hicks Brothers, LLC in April 2005. They purchased the business from Jamie's father, William "Billy" Hicks, and uncle Robert "Bobby" Hicks. Billy and Bobby farmed together as Hicks Brothers. In 2005, Bobby decided to begin farming on his own in the Midwest.


The Farm Today

Meadow Springs is a crop farm located in Chester County, Pennsylvania that produces corn, soybeans, wheat, rye harvested as straw, grain sorghum, mixed hay and grass hay.

PROGRESSIVE TECHNOLOGY: At our farm, we pride ourselves in using state-of-the-art technology practices and equipment that allow us to be more efficient and environmentally-friendly while maintaining the best quality and standards for our customers. These practices/equipment include:

  • No-Till Technology: The ground is disturbed only to insert the seed into the soil, which minimizes exposure to wind and water erosion.
  • Latest GPS Technologies: Permits us to better track yield, moisture, and acreages. We also map the fields and farms we operate.

Hay Cutting Services

For the past four years Hicks Brothers has been taking large bales and cutting them down to small bales with their hay cutter. Watch the video to see the process of taking bales through the hay cutting process. For any inquiries about this process please contact Hicks Brothers.